General Contracting

☑ renovations
☑ remodeling
☑ additions
☑ expansions
☑ electrical
☑ plumbing
☑ carpentry
☑ masonry
☑ conversions

Our approach to general contracting is rooted in a deep understanding of our client's visions. We combine this with our technical expertise and a commitment to using high-quality materials. Our team ensures that every aspect of the project, from planning to execution, is handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We work closely with our clients throughout the process, ensuring transparency, timely completion, and adherence to budget constraints. At Seroy's Inc., we don't just build and renovate spaces; we create environments that resonate with the lifestyle and aspirations of our clients. Trust us to bring your vision to life with our comprehensive general contracting services.

Seroy Inc. has operated in Northern Manhattan since 1993. No other Home Improvement Contractor has renovated more apartments in Washington Heights, Hudson Heights, and Inwood than us. Our work includes common apartment upgrades such as kitchen and bath replacement, finish surface repair (plaster, wood, paint), lead paint abatement and testing, as well as major remodels and apartment combinations using plans and drawings furnished by architects.
We have worked in all the important buildings in the area and have a network of friends and partners consisting of building managers and staff, and highly experienced subcontractors. We work to NYC code and are a trusted partner to local building owners and managers.

Buildings we have worked in include:
Castle Village, Hudson View Gardens, Cabrini Terrace (900 West 190 St), 200 Pinehurst Ave., 240 Cabrini Boulevard, 250 Cabrini Boulevard, 255 Cabrini Boulevard, 350 & 360 Cabrini Boulevard, 630 & 730 Fort Washington Avenue, 684 & 687 West 204 St., 60 Cooper Street, 91 Payson Ave., 854, 860, 870, 875, 880 West 181, 330 & 340 Haven Avenue, 70 Haven Avenue. The Grinnell. Various Upper West Side, East Side, Greenwich Village, and Midtown buildings.

We also work downtown and in parts of Brooklyn for special clients.

Building Management Services

☑ updates
☑ upkeep
☑ replacements
☑ repairs
☑ hardware
☑ maintenance
☑ fixtures

We see to shareholder’s needs as directed by management. Common tasks include repair of ceilings, walls, and floors from water leaks, pipe ruptures, exterior water penetration, insects and pests. Repair of tile and plaster surfaces after electrical and plumbing repairs and upgrades.
We have painted the entire interior common area of buildings, including stairwells, bulkheads. We have changed the ceiling fixtures throughout, and ordered and installed custom ironwork radiator enclosures.
We have done structural repair to fire damaged apartments and have helped owners file for, and receive insurance claims from both private insurance companies and Con Edison. We have repaired properties after hurricane damage including a carriage house in Brooklyn, and even laid new pultruded fiberglass decking on the City Island Yacht Club pier after Hurricane Sandy.
We work with local civic organizations to improve the neighborhood including:
Friends of Paterno Trivium
Hudson Heights Owners Coalition
Washington Heights Neighborhood Association
181 Street Food Pantry

Handyman Services

☑ interiors
☑ exteriors
☑ flooring
☑ windows
☑ doors
☑ painting
☑ drywall
☑ sheetrock

From small jobs come bigger jobs. Someone may ask us to fix a doorknob, a hinge, plane a door to close, re-grout around a bathtub, change a lightbulb, etc. First thing you know we’re talking about a bigger job and all the things that need doing. So we never say no.

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