30W60St bathtub to shower

Installing a shower where a bathtub used to be requires a change from 1.5″ drain to a 2″ drain, and a $1500 filing fee. In order to change the drain we need to break the ceiling of the downstairs neighbor’s apartment. We also uncovered an electrical violation from the neighbor’s bathroom job – sloppy splices, uncovered junction box, etc.

A Light in the Shower

Here’s a cheap and easy Castle Village upgrade to the 6 line guest bathroom. A sorely needed light in these dark showers wired to a double rocker switch. Also a new sink, faucet, toilet, medicine cabinet, light, pipe insulation, re-grout, paint, and new Carrera marble saddle.

120 Cabrini wall carving

Pyroblock – used since the early 1900’s for wall partitions. Sometimes it has asbestos in it – but not here. Pretty soft stuff once you get through the plaster coating. Probing the wall for the architect. Carving it up for the electrician.

120/124 Additional necessary work

Work necessary in order to proceed which wasn’t in the original scope. Dusty work needing expensive tools, bits and blades. Sawing into the hardest concrete in Manhattan. Eighty year old concrete fabricated with large quartz pebbles – concrete fabricated before the mafia got involved. Also removal of millwork I had planned to re-use but now cannot because it’s so old and brittle. Three piece compound moulding not even available today.