Castle Village 6 line double bathroom job

Nobody does as much demolition as we do. You can’t get a good job done unless you remove the tile and the mudset. Most cheap jobs tile right over the existing tile. People don’t even realize they got a sh-t job until you point it out to them – the floor is high; there are no door casings, the bathtub has no rim next to the wall, the valves are old, the electrical work is not done by a licensed sub. I’ve had people talk to such shysters and try to use their quote to beat me up. It’s what behind the walls that’s most important.

Castle Village 6 line bathroom

creating more real estate by removing the mud set as well as the tile.

Rough-in complete. Tub installed. shower body installed. Time to tile

30W60St bathtub to shower

Installing a shower where a bathtub used to be requires a change from 1.5″ drain to a 2″ drain, and a $1500 filing fee. In order to change the drain we need to break the ceiling of the downstairs neighbor’s apartment. We also uncovered an electrical violation from the neighbor’s bathroom job – sloppy splices, uncovered junction box, etc.