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Walls, Ceilings, Floors

Built-ins & Custom casework


Dumbwaiter conversions



Castle Village 5 Line 2009

Castle Village 1 line 2003

Hudson View Gardens kitchen 2001

350 Cabrini Boulevard economy kitchen 2002

Hudson View Gardens Fitness Center completed 5/2009

(photo furnished by Jim Anness )

Castle Village 1 line kitchen 2000

309W104 bathroom

Hudson View Gardens china cabinet, stripped and refinished.

various tile backsplashes

loft beds for kids. That's Ace, on bottom, many years ago. And that's my daughter's loft bed on top (when we lived in a 7 line).

Columbus Avenue roof deck.

The original castle Village Health Club.

Some community service projects - these bulletin boards on 187 street we maintain.

We also made the three in Bennett Park.

Seroy Contracting Inc.

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