Buildings & Sights of Inwood

Inwood starts, I would say, at Broadway & Nagle Avenue. Continues up to the Broadway Bridge at 218 Street. Sherman creek to the East.

Tubby Hook and Spuyen Duyvil to the West.

This view from the Old TubbyHook Cafe, now demolished.

We're waiting for better things.

Lobby 60 Cooper Street

60 Cooper Street

687 West 204 Street

Lobby 687 West 204 Street

Inwood Hill Park Entrance

Inwood Hill Park's famous ballfields

Anyone remember Danny Almonte?

View of Columbia University's Baker Field, Boathouse, and mudflats from Riverdale Apartment.

Close up of the boathouse

Neighborhood joint - best sliders!

91 Payson Avenue

My nomination for best single building in Northern Manhattan.

Art Deco class, wheelchair accessible (rare for art deco building), big hallways, Two elevators of good size, easy parking, walk to all, fabulous!

This Roman arch was the entrance to an estate. Park Terrace East is the street up above and behind.

Seroy Contracting Inc.

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