Kitchen remodel

Reclaiming dumbwaiter space for your kitchen.

There is a right and a wrong way to reclaim valuable dumbwaiter space for your kitchen.

The cheap, easy, way is to just install a cupboard fabricated out of plywood.

This is a fire hazard and is against code. The right way to reclaim a dumbwaiter is to pour a 3"-4" deck od re-enforced concrete as a fire stop.

You should also use "shaft wall", a thich sheetrock, if you are constructing a chase, or leaving a space, for cables to be run. All chses in the building should be on the same side so that cabling can be run easily.

looking up - an illegal conversion

reinforced concrete curing on a metal deck, supoorted by thick angle iron. Extra angle irons here will be

used to support upper part of dumbwaiter shaft to prevent it from falling.

fini. finished floor applied. Copper feed for ice maker ready for refrigerator installation.

Another job - 447 Fort Washington Avenue

3/8" angle irons installed

metal deck



Seroy Contracting Inc.

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