Castle Village

Pictures of the old backyard


How to get to Castle Village

Ride the front car of the A train. Exit at 181 (184th Street side) Street, take the elevator up, cross Fort Washington Avenue, walk through Bennett Park and take a right on Pinehurst Avenue. You will see this sign which marks Castle Village lane. Walk through here to Cabrini Boulevard and Castle Village.

Castle Village lane. That's 200 cabrini Boulevard dead ahead.

Entrance to 200 Cabrini Boulevard.

Shady copse in the garden.

Dr. Charles Paterno commemorative plaque on the side of 180 Cabrini Boulevard. The builder of both Hudson View Gardens (1924 - 1927) and Castle Village (1939 - 1944)

Bakelite doorknob.

Every resident at CV is entitled to a little garden plot.

View from my kitchen window.

snowplay in the backyard.

Elm tree formerly on the property and now replaced with an oak.

Seroy Contracting Inc.

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